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CNMEAParserData::_RMC_DATA_T Struct Reference

#include <NMEAParserData.h>

Public Attributes

time_t m_timeGGA
 Time in GGA sentence. More...
int m_nHour
 hour More...
int m_nMinute
 Minute. More...
int m_nSecond
 Second. More...
double m_dSecond
 Fractional second. More...
double m_dLatitude
 Latitude (Decimal degrees, S < 0 > N) More...
double m_dLongitude
 Longitude (Decimal degrees, W < 0 > E) More...
double m_dAltitudeMSL
 Altitude (Meters) More...
RMC_STATUS_E m_nStatus
 Status. More...
double m_dSpeedKnots
 Speed over the ground in knots. More...
double m_dTrackAngle
 Track angle in degrees True North. More...
int m_nMonth
 Month. More...
int m_nDay
 Day. More...
int m_nYear
 Year. More...
double m_dMagneticVariation
 Magnetic Variation. More...

Detailed Description

RMC Recommended minimum data for GPS

Definition at line 224 of file NMEAParserData.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_dAltitudeMSL

double CNMEAParserData::_RMC_DATA_T::m_dAltitudeMSL

Altitude (Meters)

Definition at line 232 of file NMEAParserData.h.

◆ m_dLatitude

double CNMEAParserData::_RMC_DATA_T::m_dLatitude

Latitude (Decimal degrees, S < 0 > N)

Definition at line 230 of file NMEAParserData.h.

◆ m_dLongitude

double CNMEAParserData::_RMC_DATA_T::m_dLongitude

Longitude (Decimal degrees, W < 0 > E)

Definition at line 231 of file NMEAParserData.h.

◆ m_dMagneticVariation

double CNMEAParserData::_RMC_DATA_T::m_dMagneticVariation

Magnetic Variation.

Definition at line 239 of file NMEAParserData.h.

◆ m_dSecond

double CNMEAParserData::_RMC_DATA_T::m_dSecond

Fractional second.

Definition at line 229 of file NMEAParserData.h.

◆ m_dSpeedKnots

double CNMEAParserData::_RMC_DATA_T::m_dSpeedKnots

Speed over the ground in knots.

Definition at line 234 of file NMEAParserData.h.

◆ m_dTrackAngle

double CNMEAParserData::_RMC_DATA_T::m_dTrackAngle

Track angle in degrees True North.

Definition at line 235 of file NMEAParserData.h.

◆ m_nDay

int CNMEAParserData::_RMC_DATA_T::m_nDay


Definition at line 237 of file NMEAParserData.h.

◆ m_nHour

int CNMEAParserData::_RMC_DATA_T::m_nHour


Definition at line 226 of file NMEAParserData.h.

◆ m_nMinute

int CNMEAParserData::_RMC_DATA_T::m_nMinute


Definition at line 227 of file NMEAParserData.h.

◆ m_nMonth

int CNMEAParserData::_RMC_DATA_T::m_nMonth


Definition at line 236 of file NMEAParserData.h.

◆ m_nSecond

int CNMEAParserData::_RMC_DATA_T::m_nSecond


Definition at line 228 of file NMEAParserData.h.

◆ m_nStatus

RMC_STATUS_E CNMEAParserData::_RMC_DATA_T::m_nStatus


Definition at line 233 of file NMEAParserData.h.

◆ m_nYear

int CNMEAParserData::_RMC_DATA_T::m_nYear


Definition at line 238 of file NMEAParserData.h.

◆ m_timeGGA

time_t CNMEAParserData::_RMC_DATA_T::m_timeGGA

Time in GGA sentence.

Definition at line 225 of file NMEAParserData.h.

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