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CNMEAParserData::_GSV_DATA_T Struct Reference

#include <NMEAParserData.h>

Public Attributes

int nTotalNumberOfSentences
 Total number of GSV sentences to build up satellites monitored. More...
int nSentenceNumber
 Current sentence number. More...
int nSatsInView
 Number of satellites in view. More...
CNMEAParserData::SAT_INFO_T SatInfo [c_nMaxConstellation]
 Satellite data. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 194 of file NMEAParserData.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ nSatsInView

int CNMEAParserData::_GSV_DATA_T::nSatsInView

Number of satellites in view.

Definition at line 197 of file NMEAParserData.h.

◆ nSentenceNumber

int CNMEAParserData::_GSV_DATA_T::nSentenceNumber

Current sentence number.

Definition at line 196 of file NMEAParserData.h.

◆ nTotalNumberOfSentences

int CNMEAParserData::_GSV_DATA_T::nTotalNumberOfSentences

Total number of GSV sentences to build up satellites monitored.

Definition at line 195 of file NMEAParserData.h.

◆ SatInfo

CNMEAParserData::SAT_INFO_T CNMEAParserData::_GSV_DATA_T::SatInfo[c_nMaxConstellation]

Satellite data.

Definition at line 198 of file NMEAParserData.h.

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